Fun Group Tarot Reading

A photo depicting Fun Group Tarot Reading
A photo depicting Fun Group Tarot Reading


Experience Drinks and Tarot, the best selling hosted virtual team building event featuring the magical duo of learning how to make The Voyager Sun cocktail and getting your cards read as you sip on your mystical creation.


Additional availability and large group price upon request.

5 star rated by Apple, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, Yelp, LinkedIn, Adidas, Salesforce, EY and many others.

We are the only corporate tarot experience delivered by a host with the trio of skills of Certified Tarot Consultant, Intuitive, Certified coach, and MBA backed by 20+ years of experience.
This is not spooky tarot from the movies but Consciousness tarot, one that leaves everyone inspired and with great insights.

I am a former corporate executive and this experience is P&P's savvy and is done in good cheer and taste.

We will make the Voyager Sun cocktail inspired by the famous tarot deck.
Then, I will guide you in a manifestation visualization and infuse our cocktail with intention.
You'll learn about the history of tarot and how it works.
Next, I'll be picking and interpreting tarot cards for everyone in your group.

For groups larger than 25, Linda, our Master reader to the stars will join us as we divide into 2 rooms.


60 minutes


Contact us for a custom quote based on your team size and needs.

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Portrait headshot photograph of host, Claudine Fle
Claudine Fle
Certified tarot consultant