Who Killed Zolan Mize? (A Murder Mystery)

A photo depicting Who Killed Zolan Mize? (A Murder Mystery)
A photo depicting Who Killed Zolan Mize? (A Murder Mystery)


Get ready! This is NOT your traditional murder mystery...!

Someone had it out for millionaire Zolan Mize! But who? Kill some time with this goofy interactive romp where two professional actors play all the roles and YOU determine the outcome!

Actors & co-creators Rachel Burttram and Brendan Powers take you on a unique and quirky online adventure with WHO KILLED ZOLAN MIZE! Your Zoom Chat Box serves as a “Clues Journal" where team members brainstorm, share theories, observations and laughs, and question the detectives throughout the investigation. In the end, each viewer votes on which eccentric suspect they think did the deed. The character with the highest votes wins the handcuffs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are participants engaged during this event? What kind of interaction can my team expect?

A fun brainstorm takes off when viewers share thoughts/questions/theories/suspicions throughout the investigation via the Clues Journal (aka Zoom chat box). Additional polls/questionnaires engage viewers along the way. Viewers have lots of opportunities to show off their detective prowess -- and their sense of humor!

How often/much will participants be interacting with the host? Will the host be available during the entire event?

We love the thrill of live performance so the whole investigation is LIVE! Bookers can privately share fun facts about team members prior to the event which hosts then creatively drop into the investigation. As Brendan and Rachel also play all the characters in the performance they are part of the experience from beginning to end. Additionally, a showrunner is present at all events to ensure all technical aspects run smoothly.

How will this build more connection between my team members?

Who Killed Zolan Mize offers an abundance of opportunities for team members to brainstorm, share details that others may have missed, cheer each other on and to support observations made by fellow members. Bookers have noted in reviews that this experience inspired laughter and bonding and exceeded expectations for a team event.


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Brendan Powers
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