Sushi Making

A photo depicting Sushi Making
A photo depicting Sushi Making


Ahhhh... sushi. A go-to when it comes to ordering in. But, how cool would it be to know how to make it at home? In this experience, you’ll learn how to make a variety of veggie and seafood rolls, with the help of a sushi making kit. It includes a mat, cutting board, knife, and chopsticks. Basically, everything you’ll need to master the basics yourself.

Please Note: Vegetarian & Pescatarian Options Available
Kit Contents:

Reusable Chopsticks

Sushi Rolling Mat

All Food Ingredients (fresh, prepped and ready to use) to make 4 types of sushi (20 pcs + 1 hand roll)

Rice & Seasoning (pre-cooked and seasoned with local delivery)*

Frequently Asked Questions

How are participants engaged during this event? What kind of interaction can my team expect?
Participants will be making sushi throughout the class and are welcome to unmute themselves to ask any questions throughout the session. At the end of the class, we ask for participants to do a "show and tell" of their final product and presentation.

How often/much will participants be interacting with the host? Will the host be available during the entire event?
The host is available throughout the entire event, they are engaged the entire time with instructions from the teacher on how to prepare sushi.

How will this build more connection between my team members? 
Team members are able to try something new together by making sushi and there is usually a fun competitive element to see who will make the best sushi! They can also cheer each other on throughout and celebrate everyone's final product.


75 minutes


Sushi kits available across Canada and USA

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