30-Minute Sound Bath with Pause + Expand

What makes a PAUSE+EXPAND session different and unique from other wellness providers? Pause + Expand is the first and only virtual wellness company to combine live sound+visualization in a customized 360 stereo sound experience that can be done virtually from anywhere (remote or in the office). During this session we’ll teach you the foundations of sound therapy and meditation. You’ll learn how to meditate in a really simple way and we'll show you how to slow your brainwaves down to the most restorative state using sound waves. Some of the scientific benefits of meditation and sound therapy are:

- Better sleep

- Deeper levels of focus and clarity

- Greater levels of happiness and

- Reduced stress.

The bottom line is you’ll just feel better!

Please Note: Focus of meditations and sound bath may be customized, additional fee may apply depending on level of customization

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