Sherlock - The Grand Debut

A photo depicting Sherlock - The Grand Debut
A photo depicting Sherlock - The Grand Debut


This virtual murder mystery is suitable for groups of 20 - 1000 (yes, one thousand people) who will play in teams of 4-6 people. This is a corporate team building event hosted by professional actors and encourages communication, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking.

Participants take on the role of a young Sherlock Holmes on his first ever case; the murder of Lord Harrington at Chapelgate Manor. It seems like an open and shut case, but is it? Your mission is to work your way through the manor, complete your investigation and identify the murderer. Elementary? I think not!

A great idea for virtual Christmas parties and events, where you can bring the team together and have fun online.

Playable anywhere in the world, from almost any device, this is an online murder mystery everyone can enjoy.
Expect the classic murder mystery formula of questioning suspects, discovering clues, solving puzzles and deducing the murderer’s identity.



120 minutes

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