Questions of Sport

A photo depicting Questions of Sport
A photo depicting Questions of Sport


Is your team football mad? Tennis boffins? Formula 1 fanatics? Do they know their Ronaldo from their Ronaldinho?

Then book Question of Sports, our sports quiz designed for team building events, work socials or as part of a wider programme of online events. Wherever, whenever, we can bring a quiz that will challenge your sports knowledge and trivia.

Teams take part in different rounds based on the world of sports including:

  • Photo Finish - 12 pictures of 12 sporting champions, can you guess who they are?

  • Pay Close Attention - First comes a highlight from the world of sport, then comes the question.

  • Bluff Round - One sporting phrase, four possible answers, but which one is true?

  • What Happens Next? - Watch a famous sporting incident before the climax, and tells us how it ends!

  • Quick Fire Round - General sports knowledge in fast succession, you need to keep up.
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