Robot Wars with Portal Bots

Portal Bots is a brand new entertainment experience where players race and battle REAL ROBOTS from their personal computers in real-time! While the robots are based in Winnipeg, players can experience the arena and access these Portal Bots across North America and beyond, making it an inclusive opportunity for distributed teams to connect like never before! This ground-breaking and exciting experience will enhance your company culture in new and strategic ways with team-building exercises, laser tag battles, races, and more.

Please Note: Customers may mix and match between Race, Co-Op, or Battle Mode. Additional time can also be added for a fee.

Our Hosts

Meet the experts who host this experience. Once we confirm the date and time of your event, you’ll find out who is hosting your experience!




Portal Bots

Robotics Entertainment



Drinks and snacks kits available across Canada

What's included?

1 hour live experience

Expert hosts and moderators

A branded event portal

Optional delivery


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