Pizza Party with Meghan Robbins

1 hr

18-300 people

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Bring your team together for a pizza party and learn to make delicious homemade pizza like a pro using good quality ingredients and simple methods. With Meghan Robbins as your head chef, she’ll teach you how to choose your own adventure and cook using your senses instead of a recipe.
Pepperoni, mushroom & mozzarella pizza

Please Note: Any varying dietary needs for your team may be accommodated accordingly. Kits + per person fees start at $142 CAD PP available CANADA WIDE.

Interested in adding Pizza Making kits per person? Reach out to [email protected] for more details.

Kit Contents: 
  • Pizza Dough x 1 ball
  • Tomato Sauce x 12oz
  • Mozzarella (full fat) x 225-250g
  • Mushrooms x approximately 70 - 80g
  • Pepperoni x approximately 70 - 80g
  • Fresh Basil x 8-10 pieces
  • Grated Parmesan x 10g
  • Dry Oregano x 3g

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Meghan Robbins
Meghan Robbins (She/Her) Chef
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