Pinhole Photography

A photo depicting Pinhole Photography
A photo depicting Pinhole Photography


Capturing a photo of a beautiful landscape or your delicious Saturday night dinner has never been easier - all thanks to the digital camera. Our pinhole photography experience brings you a new way of capturing moments - analog photography. We will walk you through the history of photography and the steps of taking a photo (the analog way) and developing it with simple household materials. Arming you with a humble sheet of paper incredibly fashioned as a pop-up pinhole camera, photo paper, coffee, and washing soda, you’ll be able to capture and print a photo using 1800s tech. At the end of the experience, you will walk away with a new understanding of the impressive forces at play in the world of photography, a reusable pinhole camera for future use, and a photo right from the 1800s!

    Kit Contents:
  • Pop Pinhole Camera book

  • 2 trays

  • Non-toxic caffenol developer

  • 5 sheets of photo film

  • Length

    90 minutes


    Pinhole Photography Kits available across Canada, USA, UK, and International

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