Work Life Balance Journaling

A photo depicting Work Life Balance Journaling
A photo depicting Work Life Balance Journaling


Written journaling is a powerful tool that can help us to reflect and support our emotional wellbeing at work and in our personal lives. Taking time to give ourselves space to zoom out, gain new perspectives and develop new awareness can prevent stress and burnout in our lives.

And even though journaling is proven to improve focus, productivity and keep us more accountable to our goals, the process of journaling can feel daunting and like another thing on our “to-do” list.
During this 1 hour interactive workshop, we’ll teach you how to create a journaling practice that works for you, and we’ll explore a topic that many of us struggle with - work life balance.
Work-life balance is an essential aspect of any healthy work environment. And while we all know the importance of having work-life balance, how many of us actually have a good balance in our lives between focusing on work, supporting and caring for others, and taking time for ourselves? And what exactly does work-life balance look like for each of us?

This workshop will give your team space to not only practice journaling, but also explore these three key areas of your life to understand how to find more balance, and ultimately happiness, in your day-to-day life.

Please Note: Focus of experience may be customized, additional fee may apply depending on level of customization

Frequently Asked Questions

How are participants engaged during this event? What kind of interaction can my team expect?

We find that there is a change in how the participants feel from when they start to the completion.

We engage with the participants to find out 2 words on how they are feeling when they start - Upon completion we ask the same question again to see the change in feeling. 90% of respondents remark they feel "more at peace, calm, clear, energized" upon completing the sound bath.

How often/much will participants be interacting with the host? Will the host be available during the entire event?

We try to interact with the participants throughout the sound bath/meditation asking them to reflect and be curious with different questions about their state of being. We invite questions and dialogue during the experience to connect with the team. We also encourage customization of the experience so that we can best suit the needs of the client.

How will this build more connections between my team members?

Our experience is a shared experience where people will have unique takes on the sound bath and meditation, taking their own journey within the experience but also being able to share at the end what they felt or saw. This is a way to bring more vulnerability into the group, connect each other through sound/visualization and also have some personal time to reflect within the group setting.


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