A photo depicting Icebreakers!
A photo depicting Icebreakers!


Got a few new members on your team? Want a fun way to kick-off your company meeting? Maybe you just haven't seen your coworkers in awhile...

Introducing... Icrebreakers! Choose an exclusive 30-minute icebreaker from the list below or combine 2 to make your very own event.

Improv(e) Your Meeting: If you’ve ever seen the TV show Whose Line is it Anyway, you’ve seen a host of comedians improvise – some more successfully than others! The sense of energy, fun, and collaboration is part of all great improv games and you can tap into this when running these exercises with a group.

Improv games encourage creativity, quick thinking, and communication skills and are a great tool for breaking the ice, having fun, and building team spirit. They are great at breaking down barriers to collaboration and getting groups prepared for more involved tasks and processes. Improv exercises include giving participants prompts or rules for acting out a scene or interacting with one another while encouraging everyone to think on their feet and adapt.

Fascinating Fandoms: From Boy Bands to Buoys and Marine Life, everyone has a thing they are passionate about! Our host conducts interviews with your team members, helping you to learn more about what they’re most passionate about, while also learning more about a topic. Companies are encouraged to pre-determine 2-3 people they would like interviewed, and our host will make sure this is an event you will never forget!

Common Ground: Your team has been working separately for a while and differences can pop up, but do they know what they have in common? This activity uses improv and communication to help teams identify how much more they have in common than they may have thought, and is great to help teams get to know each other and have a laugh!

More than 55 participants? Reach out to [email protected] for a custom quote.


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Common Ground

Common Ground

Fascinating Fandoms

Fascinating Fandoms

Improv(e) your Meeting

Improv(e) your Meeting

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Stephanie Malek