How To Make Every Cocktail in the World

A photo depicting How To Make Every Cocktail in the World
A photo depicting How To Make Every Cocktail in the World


An engaging and interactive 90-minute Masterclass in Mixology. Follow along with Master Bartender, Dr. Sunshine, as he leads your group in a journey through the science of tasting, the history of cocktails, and professional techniques-made-easy as your group make 3 different styles of cocktails together.

This class can be done with any spirit (gin, bourbon, tequila) or without alcohol too. ALL participants will be following along and engaged 100% of the time.

This class is intended to be done with common items found everyday in most kitchens, but can be done with Cocktail Kits as well. Dr. Sunshine's classes have 100% 5-star ratings. Your team will be laughing, engaged, and interacting the entire time.

Please Note: Cocktails Kits available in the US for an additional $195 CAD per person including shipping.
Minimum 3 week lead time required. Reach out to [email protected] for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your classes have Non-Alcoholic options?

Yes, all classes have non-alcoholic options for every cocktail we make. Your Prep list will include directions to preparing for taking the class without alcohol.

Can I change the length of the experience?

Yes. Dr. Sunshine can shorten the length of the experience to accommodate your timing needs. This will not affect the price.

What happens if I have a larger group than I initially thought?

No problemo. Dr. Sunshine can bill you after class for the additional participants. If you are doing an In-Person Event, we will do our best to accommodate your extra guests. The per-person rate will not change.

How are participants engaged during this event?

Throughout class Dr. Sunshine asks random participants questions regarding their flavor preferences, favorite cocktails, and ends each section with an opening for questions regarding the topic discussed. “Are there any more Old Fashioned questions?”

What kind of interaction can my team expect?

Your team should expect to interact as much as they would like. If participants want to “sit back and watch the show,” that’s no problem, Dr. Sunshine will not engage with them. If your participants want to ask lots of questions and talk about different subjects, Dr. Sunshine will happily accommodate and incorporate topics into his presentation. Dr. Sunshine aims to have people participating throughout the entire class.

How often/much will participants be interacting with the host?

As much as they are comfortable with. Dr. Sunshine engages with the group throughout class. This is an interactive cocktail making experience.

Will the host be available during the entire event?

Yes. The host is live for 100% of the class. There are no recordings or videos. Everything is conducted in real time.

How will this build more connections between my team members?

Cocktail, spirit, and flavor preferences are different for almost everyone. What beverages you consume and flavors you like speak volumes regarding your upbringing, culture, and history.

Dr. Sunshine’s classes include explanations regarding different preferences and how having a preference doesn’t mean you are “wrong” rather, it means it’s what YOU prefer.

Team members will learn about different cultures, family history, and geographic locations of their co-workers through discussions over cocktails and spirits - all led by Dr. Sunshine.


60 minutes

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