Climate Change & Personal Climate Action

A photo depicting Climate Change & Personal Climate Action
A photo depicting Climate Change & Personal Climate Action


Do you ever sit there and think to yourself... "If I'm being honest, I don't reallyyyyyy understand climate change."

 Well, if you've had that thought, there's a good chance your teammates have too. Never fear! Carbon Neutral Club is here to help.

 This wicked awesome Lunch & Learn will give your team a fun, educational and engaging overview of climate change. No fear mongering, no finger pointing, just the facts. Over this one hour session, our goal is to tell you a story that anyone can understand about how climate change came to be and how we can build ourselves out of this mess we find ourselves in.

 We'll answer the following questions everyone has but no one wants to ask...

 - What is climate change? (no seriously, what is it?)

 - What human activities create greenhouse gas emissions?

 - What solutions do we have access to today?

 - Are we doomed? (Spoiler: If we act now, no we are not.)

 - What can I do to have an impact on the problem TODAY?

 Let's demystify the topic that everyone's thinking about! Climate Change.

Option: Gift your team 1 month of Carbon Neutral Club & you will let them live personally carbon neutral and gain them access to savings with 75+ sustainable brand partners for the month!


60 minutes

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