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A photo depicting Ask a Botanist
A photo depicting Ask a Botanist


Get ready for your very own Green Thumb learning session, where we talk about plant care tips and tricks, hosted by the one and only Urban Botanist, Emma Terrell! Not sure if that plant that's been sitting in the corner of your house is still alive or not? Emma does! Take this time to ask those houseplant questions you've been dying to know while getting to show off your space to your coworkers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are participants engaged during this event? What kind of interaction can my team expect?

Q&A chats about plants , DIYing their crafty holiday wreath, center piece, or terrarium. Discussions about plant care 101 and fun live quiz.

Will the host be available during the entire event?

Throughout the entire workshop! Yes the host is available.

How will this build more connection between my team members?

Learning about what type of plant parents each team member is, if anyone is a plant fanatic, whose wreath/center piece/terrarium turned out the nicest or whose lives the longest. Sharing photos of finished item.


60 minutes

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Emma Terrell
The urban botanist
Portrait headshot photograph of host, The  Urban Botanist
The Urban Botanist